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13 July 2018
Athens, Greece
6th Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation


The programme of the 6th Hellenic Forum 2018 is available here.

For more information on the main event, please visit here.

As an Introduction to the Forum and in perfect match with the 53rd Summer School, SingularityU is hosting at Demokritos a SingularityU Day on Exponential Technologies to discuss the 4th Industrial revolution, the six Ds affecting the world, the future of jobs and the jobs of the future and how to thrive in an exponentially changing world.

This year four different workshops will cover topics related to exponential technologies and interdisciplinary research.Distinguished scientists have been invited to participate in round tables and give plenary lectures. The Nanosafety workshop will cover issues on the management of the risks of engineered nanomaterials and nanoenabled products on health, safety and the environment. It will discuss the relevant regulatory framework and present European activities to bridge the gap between research and market needs and the situation in Greece.

Two workshops will focus on Research E-Infrastructures: One workshop, on the significant and ever-increasing needs in data analytics and fast processing for advancing research in environmental and geophysical sciences. The other will exploit the value of Big Data for Precision Medicine. It will bring together European and National projects working with big data to pave the way for more personalised diagnosis and treatment approaches. Finally, the new developments in materials, design, innovative technologies and market deployment prospects, currently fueling the exponential growth in Green Mobility applications, will be presented in the last workshop with participants from automotive industries (TESLA, Toyota) and other key players.

The Forum will also encourage Science-technology and Industry collaborations with a Special Event: Nurturing Entrepreneurship: a one-day workshop focused on the tools and skills required towards entrepreneurship, with two Deep Dive Masterclasses. Matchmaking event in collaboration with PRAXI network will provide networking opportunities for scientists from academia and industry, exploring joint ventures in Research and Innovation.


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Athens, Greece

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